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Diego Guerra

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Ron Fleischer


Helen Grimes


Helen is junior computer animation student with a minor in writing for television. In the future she would love to produce and write adult animated television shows. She is a peer coach at the career center as well as an on-campus RA. In her spare time she enjoys writing silly stories, paint, and collaborate with friends!

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Tricia Parent

Vice President

Tricia is a Senior BFA student majoring in Computer Animation. While she loves all parts of the production pipeline, her focus is 3D Modeling and Texturing. She's a big fan of Disney and Pixar. She also enjoys games that allow for building such as Minecraft and the Sims. She works with the school as a Tutor and Lab Tech in the 916 & 1104 buildings in the computer labs! If you need any help don't hesitate to reach out to her!

Connect with Tricia on Instagram @Tricia.parent

Mike Cuevas


Mike is a Senior BA student majoring in Tradition Animation. He is a returning student at Columbia after spending almost 10 years in banking! His experience working in the corporate world has given him the ability to navigate and overcome the often competitiveness of the industry. Mike is passionate about animation and enjoys every aspect, but his main focus is much of the later production work of animation. He enjoys clean up work and editing films. Mike spend the Fall'19 semester as apart of the Semester in LA program. While attending the program, he interned with BangZoom! studios as well as attended classes. He is a big fan of almost every kind of animation and an even bigger fan of traditional animation and classic Disney films. These films and many characters are what inspired him to attend Columbia and pursue his degree. If you see Mike on campus don't hesitate to stop him and say hello! He's willing to share his experiences and help with what ever you need!

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Instagram @Mac.Animation85

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Paul Kritikos


Paul is a senior animation student with a focus on story boarding. his dream is to make his way up the network ladder in TV animation until he becomes a director on an animated series. He's currently building his storyboard portfolio to eventually head out to the magical world of Los Angeles. In his spare time he likes to listen to audio books, hiking, playing D&D, and writing about himself in third person.

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David Niemczyk


David is a Senior BA student majoring in Traditional Animation and minoring in Writing for Television. His primary focus is on story boarding and visual storytelling with additional interest in prop design, character art, and some minor 2D animation. He works in freelance as both a Story Artist and as an Animator. When he's not working on assignments, David plays Nintendo games, sketches in his sketchbook, and catches up on old school anime. Check out his work on his website,

Connect with David on Twitter @DavidIsAPirate

Sabrina Velazquez


Sabrina is a senior BA student majoring in traditional animation. Her main focus is story boarding, but is passionate about all the other avenues in the animation pipeline. Her goal in the industry is to be involved in television animation. She currently works at Columbia Chicago College Library in 624. She is an avid consumer of alternative animation, an iced coffee enthusiast, and watches too much Shark Tank in her spare time. Check her work out over at

Connect with Sabrina on Instagram @sabvela