1. Submit Your Manifest Event (DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22)

The day-of program will be mobile friendly on the Engage Portal.

Submit your Manifest showcases (virtual and in-person) to the Manifest Event Submission form directly below. All content will be uploaded to the calendar as is. Be sure to proofread before submitting!

Submit each event individually. For example, if you are hosting 5 different events, you will submit this 5 times.

For your submission, we require an image 380px high and 760px wide in the highest resolution possible. This image will act both as the Event Thumbnail and Banner on the event page.

Additionally, we recommend you submit an (optional) Flyer for your event. Your Flyer is the key information about your event displayed in a visual way that will make it stand out to prospective attendees. There is no size requirement for your image file (.png, .jpg, .tiff, .pdf...). The flyer will be included in any email notifications of the event.

This form will close March 22nd at 12 p.m.



2. Request Facilities Support

If you need additional tables, chairs, clean-up, etc. place a request through 360. Furniture is first come, first serve and must be located indoors!


3. Request Technical Support

Academic Spaces: Request technical needs, such as audio, projection, etc. through EMS.

HAUS or Conaway Center: Coordinate technical needs through Ted Cho, Technical Coordinator for DEPS at

Student Center: Coordinate technical needs through Candice Germany, Assistant Director, Events & Programming at the Student Center at

Additional: Submit Your Virtual Manifest Event (DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26)

Each student featured on the Manifest festival website or other college media must fill out a Manifest student work License Agreement & Release form. Please save within your own department records.

This form was created specifically for virtual showcases by General Counsel. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE.