Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for MANIFEST?

    Use this link to register for Manifest


    Download the Engage Columbia app (at the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android users).

    Once you've found an event you want to register for, scroll to the 2nd section (Registration). Click the green Register button. That's all! (It works the same way on the app and the website)

    When you arrive, flash your proof of registration and ID to be issued a wristband that will allow you to explore the festival.

  • How do I find a specific event?

    In the app, you can view events by Day or by Location. There is also a search feature in Schedule of Events, if you want to search by name.  On the Website, you can search for your event a few different ways:

    • Go to Events, then filter by day or location.
    • If you know the title of the event you wish to attend, you can type the title into the Search Events search bar.
    • Don't know the title, but know the department that's hosting it? Great, you can also search by department.
    • If you're unsure of the title or department, or just want to browse what's being offered? You can scroll through all the events hosted!
  • I don't have a email address - can I still register on the website or use the app?

    Yes! Select the Manifest 2024: BREAKTHROUGH event hub (with the star). You will need to enter your email address. It will then prompt you for the 6-digit code that was just sent to that email address from Columbia Engage Portal (

  • Do I have to download the app?

    No! You can view the site map, scroll through the list of events, and find other useful Manifest info on this website.

    But…if you use the app, you can also search for events by day or location, and it will also create a personalized agenda to keep track of the events you have registered for. And it can generate a QR code you can scan for a quicker check-in process.

  • I totally forgot to register, and this showcase looks so cool!  Can I still participate?

    Yes! There will be onsite registration available on the day.

  • Can I register for my whole group, or does everyone need to register individually?

    Yes – you can register for a group by changing the number in the pull-down menu when you RSVP. However, you will need to be there whenever a member of your group wants to check-in. If you move as a pack, this is great. If you and someone from your group are attending 2 different events at the same time, it could be a problem.

  • Do I need to create an account and password?

    No! Just enter your email and the 6-digit code you receive, and you're in!

  • Where do I get my wristband?  Do I need to get a new one for every event?

    All Manifest guests need a wristband on the day to explore the festival. You can get your wristband at one of 3 check-in stations, located at 623 S Wabash, the Student Center @ 754 S Wabash, and 1104 S Wabash.  Please note:  wristbands will not be available at the exterior lots, but you will be expected to have one to enter them. This wristband is good for the duration of Manifest. But if you misplace yours, you can show your registration at any check-in station to get a replacement.

  • What if it there is bad weather?  (this is Chicago!)

    Manifest is rain or shine. Plan accordingly!