Student Organizations

Renegades: eSports

eSports strives to foster a community of talented and dedicated competitive gamers who not only win games but help each other succeed in life in and out of school. They also support a massive casual gaming community that loves to chat with other Columbia gamers and support their annual tournaments.

J.A.M.: Japanese Anime and Manga

J.A.M. Japanese Anime and Manga is a club that watches and discusses Anime and Manga in our weekly screening meetings. We are a community of Anime fans, artists, and cosplayers!

Columbia College Chicago Animation Association

The Columbia College Chicago Animation Association strives to foster and create a cohesive student community within the animation department. We provide resources and opportunities for animation and other visual art students. Through the use of webinars, social media, and other online communication, we provide information beneficial to succeeding in animation, along with meeting and connecting with others.

Columbia Game Forge

Game Forge is a club dedicated to creating a learning environment where members can work together to enrich their portfolio of work, create games that they want to make, and at the same time have fun!