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About Us

The Editors Guild of Columbia provides students networking and learning opportunities in all areas of postproduction through meetings, site visits to companies that specialize in post production services, visits by industry professionals, and editing opportunities.

Members Benefits

Creative collaboration opportunities

Network with peers and professionals

Access to meeting and events

Learn with like-minded community

Events & Meetings

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Exclusive Resources

Learn about editing softwares and techniques, engage in professional development, and get to know the industry.


Meet people with shared interest, collaborate with others, and network with peers and professionals.

Our Executive Board

Zaven Rutman Profile

Zaven Rutman

Event Planner
Loren Fay Profile

Loren Fay

Ashton Johnson Profile

Ashton Johnson

Hannah Zeitman Profile

Hannah Zeitman

SOC Representative
Alex Robeen Profile

Alex Robeen

Anthony Polk Profile

Anthony Polk

Dennis Keeling Profile

Dennis Keeling


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