Fall 2023 Colloquium: Evolution of the Biologically Modern Bird

by Science and Mathematics

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Wed, Sep 20, 2023

5 PM – 6 PM CDT (GMT-5)

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623 S. Wabash Ave., Room 109

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Evolution of the Biologically Modern Bird
Crown birds (Neornithes) are the most modified group of reptiles, such that their dinosaurian ancestry remained controversial until the discovery of feathered maniraptoran theropods at the end of the last century. The earliest birds were very different from modern birds with regards to skeletal anatomy, physiology, flight capabilities, reproductive behavior, molt patterns, and much more. The stepwise evolution of modern bird biology during the Mesozoic culminating in the derived clade Neornithes likely underpins both the survival of this clade through the end Cretaceous mass extinction and its subsequent Cenozoic radiation. Our knowledge of the evolution of modern avian biology is primarily revealed through the exceptional preservation of fossil birds from the Lower Cretaceous Jehol Lagerstätten in northeastern China.

Image of Jingmai Oconnor

Wednesday, September 20, 5-6 pm (CST), Hokin Hall (623 S Wabash room 109)

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