Flipping the Script: how to thrive as a trans, gender nonconforming, or nonbinary performer

by Career Center

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Thu, Oct 14, 2021

4 PM – 5:30 PM CDT (GMT-5)

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The last decade has brought major shifts towards trans representation and agency in the entertainment industry - however, there's still no "How To" guide for making it as an actor when you aren't cisgender or you don't fit within old-fashioned binary casting models.

Our panel of talented artists have been writing this 'How To' guide for themselves - and so far, it's working. Their artistry has been seen in feature films, TV shows, and major stages from NYC to LA to Chicago and beyond.

Now, they're here to answer all of your questions about building a career in entertainment as a performer who's trans, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming. We'll talk about the nuts & bolts (like headshots, resumes, branding, & working with an agent) and the really important stuff, like knowing your worth, advocating for yourself, claiming your space, and staying motivated.

(Allies are welcome too - let's talk about how to make a better industry for everyone, together!)

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